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"Flatfinger" method for Waltr wolf guitar
"Flatfinger" method for Waltr wolf guitar

Walter Lupi

"Flatfinger" method for Waltr wolf guitar

Full technique divided into 4 modules and 10 musical studies - Method + DVD

Development on three levels of the Flatfinger Method's songs,  - Method + CD


Under your fingers

A Walter Lupi idea, developed by Riccardo Fregonese.

A stylized compass on the hole of the guitar, to recall the "acoustic" roots of Walter Lupi, want to indicate in no uncertain terms the ultimate aim of ChordsMAP, which will help all its users to "map" a guitar fret board and then to know and identify any agreement that in fact you can play on this instrument.

To do this, all of the app's content are based on a solid theoretical basis, developed precisely by Walter Lupi during his musical experience, combined with the reading system EDCAG: a reinterpretation of the famous polyphonic cadge system.

The app provides its users a theoretical part ( "Tutor"), in which this theory is explained in detail, in a kind of digital manual with pictures, links to extra content and of course of exercises for learn to put esplicati concepts into practice.

The keyboard's Geometry, is a method of study aimed to learn the basic musical harmony . As well as the geometric shape of the piano keyboard provides the instant visibility of the hue and his rules, the visibility that is obtained by studying the "Geometry of the keyboard" facilitates the theoretical and practical learning of this important field of study, offering a clear reading of the chords and the typical positions often used in polyphonic music for guitar. This increased visibility allows the student to develop, in a relatively short time, own personal creativity to play different styles, music arrangements and own compositions.

Contatta Walter Lupi

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