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Hard - strong attack, bright sound and longer duration.

Refill Content:

N° 80 applications of double-sided adhesive
No. 3 finishing adhesive strips
N° 8 Hard type pre-shaped nails


Hard - strong resistance, brilliant sound and longer life.

The Refill Contains:

No. 80 double-sided adhesive applications
No. 3 stripes finishing adhesive
No. 8 pre-shaped Hard nails

Refill/Refill - "Hard"

SKU: 005
Excluding VAT
  • Shipping: Courier.

    Shipping cost: €6.00/10.00

    Delivery time: 2-4 days. (Italy/EU)

    Shipping days: Tuesday and Thursday 

    All prices are excluding VAT


    Shipping: Courier

    Shipping cost: € 6.00/12.00

    Delivery time: 3-6 days. (non-EU)

    Shipment days: Tuesday and Thursday.

    Prices are excluding VAT

  • The nails have a number on the tip indicating the size; their approximate width is:


    The nails have a number on the tip that indicates the size; their approximate width is:

    No. 0= Extra Large (mm14/18) 

    No. 1= Large (mm12/16) 

    No. 2= Medium (mm10/14) 

    No. 3= Small (mm9/12) 

    No. 4= Extra Small (mm08/11)

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