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Removable Nails for Stringed Instruments

A first aid kit for professionals, students and six-string lovers, to always be kept in the case of your instrument

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Step 1 - Buy the Complete Kit

Once you have understood and appreciated the product it will be possible purchase the type and relative size of the nail you prefer.

Step 2 - Choose your Top Up

For Croatia region only:
Due to the expensive shipping from Italy to Croatia, we recommend the Croatian public to buy our products from our German partner. 

For Croatia geographic area only:
Cause of the expensive shipping from Italy to Croatia, we suggest buying our products from our Germans partner.

Kit and Recharges available maintenant auCanada and aux USAspeak to hergrandsalondeguitare.comde Montréal Québec, H2C 1G2

Kits and Refills available now inCanada and USAat the of  Montreal Quebec, H2C 1G2
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