Removable Nails for String Instruments

A first aid kit for professionals and students, ready for use in the event of a nail breaking near concerts and competitions... 

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Once you have understood the product, you can order the most appropriate nail and the size corresponding to your own nails.

Step 1 Buy the full Kit

Step 2 Chose your Refill

Solo per l'area geografica della Croazia:
causa della costosa spedizione dall'Italia alla Croazia, consigliamo di acquistare i nostri prodotti dal nostro partner tedesco - 

For Croatia geographic area only:
Cause of the expensive shipping from Italy to Croatia, we suggest buying our products from our Germans partner - 

Kit et Recharges disponibles maintenant au Canada et aux USA par le de Montréal Québec, H2C 1G2
Kit and Refills available now in Canada and USA at the of  Montreal Québec, H2C 1G2
Enjoy with Walter Lupi music and his innovative Flatfinger technique
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